hunger is the best sauce

Cf. CICERO De Finibus II. xxviii. cibi condimentum essefamem, hunger is the spice of food; early 15th-cent. Fr. n’est sauce qui vaille fain, there is no sauce worth so much as hunger.

1530 A. BARCLAY Eclogues (EETS) II. 743 Make hunger thy sause be thou neuer so nice, For there shalt thou finde none other kind of spice.

1539 R. TAVERNER Garden of Wisdom I. B1 He [Socrates] sayd, the beste sawce is hungre.

1555 R. EDEN tr. P. Martyr’s Decades of New World II. iii. (margin) Hunger is the best sauce.

1850 C. KINGSLEY Alton Locke I. ix. If hunger is, as they say, a better sauce than any Ude invents, you should spend..months shut out from every glimpse of Nature, if you would taste her beauties.

1929 F. M. MCNEILL Scots Kitchen iii. Mere hunger, which is the best sauce, will not produce cookery, which is the art of sauces.

1939 L. I. WILDER By Shores of Silver Lake xxi. ‘The gravy is extra good too.’ ‘Hunger is the best sauce,’ Ma replied modestly.

1996 Washington Post 7 Aug. A10 However, just as hunger is the best sauce for unappetizing food, political peril is the best argument for Dole to swallow his skepticism.

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